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Product Making Process

All our Patong Beach Leather is Made to Measure just for You!

Our team of Leather Craftsman have more than 15 years experience working with Handmade Custom Leather. We know the common issues working with Leather and we will work with you to overcome it.to make it a perfect fit just for you. Leather Clothing,Bike Gear and Leather Accessories Made to Measure.

Friendship Leather Manufacture has handmade leather wear which is recognized around the World for offering an outstanding selection of high quality Men's Leather Fashions, Women's Leather Fashions & a full line of Leather Accessories.

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Leather Manufacturing Process Input and Setup


1st - We take measurements using a custom-made form.

2nd - We will ask many questions about your personal style so we can get it 100% right from the beginning.

3rd - We will show your custom product during the process so you may see it during the process.

Leather Making Process


- All Leather Wear Products are handmade by leather craftsman.

- We have full control of each step by step process during manufacturing.

*Since we are the Phuket Leather Manufacturer in Patong Beach.



- Rechecking your Personal Leather Product such as

- Clean and Strong.

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